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When Is A CCTV Drain Survey Required

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  • 28-03-2024
When Is A CCTV Drain Survey Required

Are you asking: when is a CCTV drain survey required? Discover when to consider a CCTV drain survey for effective maintenance and problem prevention.

What is a CCTV drain survey?

A CCTV drain survey is a detailed inspection that uses advanced technology to check and diagnose problems in your drainage system. It involves inserting a high-tech camera into your drains to provide a clear view of the inside of your pipe system. This process allows the operator to see any blockages, cracks, or other issues that could lead to larger problems such as leaks or flooding.

Some CCTV drain surveys even include a recording option, so you can review the footage at a later date. This type of survey is carried out by professionals, such as the team at Redcar Drainage, who are trained to understand and interpret the images they see.

Also, this service is very useful when buying a new home, as it can help identify any potential issues that might require fixing. All-in-all, a CCTV drain survey is a fast, efficient, and effective way to ensure your drains are in good working order.

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the main benefits of a CCTV drain survey

A CCTV drain survey delivers benefits that reach beyond identifying the problem at hand.

 Accurate Assessment

CCTV drain surveys provide a highly accurate and comprehensive appraisal of your drain's condition. Utilising specialist cameras, these surveys offer an in-depth diagnosis, pinpointing even minor issues that may escalate into major headaches if not promptly addressed.

As a proactive approach, CCTV drainage analysis helps you identify potential problems early, saving you from costly repairs in the future. So, if you'd like your peace of mind restored, consider booking a CCTV drain survey today. 

 Cost & Time Effective

Opting for a CCTV drainage survey method to spot specific issues with your drains is not only swift but also a cost-friendly choice.

By utilising this survey, you bypass the need for extensive, often costly and time-consuming, repair jobs that are based solely on guesses. The CCTV survey works to pinpoint the precise cause of a blockage or damage, directly addressing the problem.

This meticulous technique ensures that no additional, unnecessary expenses are incurred or wasted efforts undertaken.

Essentially, going for a CCTV drain survey can end up saving you a considerable amount of time and money. This method enables effective, efficient problem-solving, making it a desirable choice for individuals seeking a budget-friendly, fast solution for drain-related issues.

When Is A CCTV Drain Survey Required? CCTV Drain Surveys Hartlepool

 Minimal Disruption

Traditional forms of drain inspections can be tremendously disruptive. They often necessitate activities such as excavations and dismantlings of structures. This could include breaching of floorings, breaking down walls, or even major earthworks - all in an attempt to identify the root of a drainage problem.

This not only causes a considerable amount of disorder and turmoil but can also lead to costly repairs once the assessment is complete. This is where the value of CCTV drain surveys becomes unmistakably clear. A pioneering method in diagnosing and assessing drainage issues, these surveys revolutionise the process by eliminating the need for any invasive activities.

A small camera is simply navigated through the drains to identify any potential issues or blockages - a process that is both efficient and non-invasive. Consequently, the use of CCTV drain surveys greatly reduces the level of disruption caused during the assessment process. 

When are CCTV drain surveys not suitable?

CCTV drain surveys are a common and effective solution for identifying issues within drainage systems. These utilise special cameras to closely inspect the drains, revealing potential problems like blockages or leaks. However, there are certain instances when they might not be the most suitable option.

For example, in situations where the drains are heavily filled with solid waste, or the soil around them is overly compacted, the CCTV camera might face difficulty in navigating effectively. This could limit the ability to accurately diagnose and locate drain-related issues, making the survey less reliable than planned.

Additionally, if the drains are extremely corroded or have collapsed, it may impede the progress of the CCTV camera. These conditions would likely reduce the effectiveness of a CCTV drain survey, as it may be hard for the camera to assess the true state of the drain in such circumstances.

So, while CCTV drain surveys are often a valuable tool in the maintenance and repair of drainage systems, there can be certain conditions and circumstances where their suitability is called into question. It's important to assess the situation appropriately to determine whether this method will deliver the desired results. In some cases, a more suitable alternative method might be required for effective inspection and diagnosing of drain issues.

What are the types of CCTV drain surveys?

There are essentially two main types of CCTV drain surveys: basic and comprehensive surveys. Basic surveys serve as a speedy solution to detect overt drain issues, obstructions or to inspect the state of the drains, usually in aged buildings.

This type of survey is a preferred choice when it's important to quickly identify problems without in-depth analysis, allowing prompt action to be taken to address any issues discovered.

Conversely, comprehensive drain surveys offer a more detailed exploration of the entire drainage system.

What Are The Types Of CCTV Drain Surveys?

This sophisticated survey may even entail an exhaustive examination, furnished with vivid colour visual aids and a meticulously written report.

These surveys are exceedingly beneficial for those needing a thorough understanding of the drain condition encompassing the entire property. They can detect minor issues before they escalate into serious problems and provide peace of mind that the drains are functioning as they should. This makes the comprehensive survey an excellent choice for either new home owners, businesses or before any substantial renovation works.

What does a CCTV drain survey involve?

A CCTV drain survey, short for Closed Circuit Television drain survey, involves a comprehensive and meticulous process to identify possible issues within your property's drainage system. The process begins with setting up the appropriate CCTV equipment. This step is crucial, as it ensures that the assessment goes smoothly and effectively. The next step involves a small camera being carefully inserted into the drains.

This is no ordinary camera; it is typically attached to a flexible rod that can reach different parts of the drains with ease. It's capable of traversing tight bends and deep drains, making sure no issue is left unnoticed. As the camera ventures into the depths of the drains, it transmits live images back to a monitor located on the surface.

This allows the drain survey professionals to see in real-time what the interior of the drains looks like. This live feed provides a clear and detailed image of the drain's inner workings, enabling the professionals to identify any faults, cracks, blockages, or damage that may have occurred within the system. Specialists, who are trained and experienced in interpreting these feeds, study these images. 

Their sharp eyes look out for any signs of blockages, issues, or damage in the drain pipe. They can identify root ingress, fractures, displaced joints, and even corrosion. If a problem is found, the exact location of the issue within the drain can be identified with the help of a receiver on the surface linked to the camera. This advanced technology ensures that any necessary remedial works can be accurately targeted, eliminating any guesswork or unnecessary excavation.

Overall, a CCTV drain survey ensures that your home or property's drainage systems are in optimal condition. The detailed inspection helps in making a bespoke plan for any repairs, replacements, or cleaning that might be required to ensure a fully functioning drainage system. Through this methodical procedure, potential problems can be addressed even before they cause substantial issues, saving time, money, and inconvenience.

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