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Can Jetting Unblock A Drain

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  • 15-11-2022
Can Jetting Unblock A Drain

Can jetting unblock a drain? Do you want to clear drains with a power washer? This article looks at drain jetting is and how it can be used for unblocking drain pipes. 

Can I Unblock Drain Pipes With Water Jetting?

Overall, the answer is yes. Water jetting is an incredibly effective method that many professional plumbing companies utilise to unblock drainage systems throughout domestic households and commercial properties.

You can DIY the water jet technique with your own equipment, as it is an obvious choice; however, professional plumbers possess hardwear jetting tools that are much more effective, especially for more severe blockage jobs. 

What Is The Most Common Cause Of Blocked Drains?

What is drain jetting?

Drain jetting is a method of removing food waste, grease, tree roots, build-up, sludge and debris from your drainage system using powerful water jets.

You'll find that food build-up, oil, and other matter can clog the pipes of sewers, toilets, sinks and drains, keeping them compact to create walls that prevent the flow of wastewater when you rinse or flush.

To break apart compactions, many professionals can utilise powerful jets that will dissect the build-up into smaller particles and push them down the pipe system with great force, so that water can freely flow again.

Drain jetting works wonders inside domestic and commercial systems and is one of the most commonly used drain unblocking methods for clearing obstructions out of appliances safely.

Can jetting unblock a drain

It's often favoured due to how environmentally friendly and cost-effective they are to help you save money, as they only require water and don't involve toxic chemicals that could eat away at the valuable chemicals inside your drain pipes that are used for maintenance.

Whilst you can combat this method yourself, using your own jets, professionals tend to you heavy-duty jetting nozzles with incredibly long, flexible hoses, as these are more powerful than the tools and equipment you may use every spring or summer to jetwash your patio. 

uch drain jets can be successfully fed down numerous meters of your clogged drains, and they generally reach further than any snakes or drain rods, with the ability to ease and twist around all its bends. 

Can I clear my drains with a power washer?

For those with a high-quality pressure washer, it may be possible to perform a drain jetting remedy yourself with a high-pressure hose from your local DIY store, especially if the blockage is close to the access point of your drain. However, if the blockage is larger than expected, and you struggle with your own jet, we highly encourage you to opt for power washer services from a local company.

Domestic water jets do not possess the same level of power as specialist jets used by professional plumbers, which is why DIY approaches aren't always the way to go. Call your property professional to fix your drainage problems and solve them quickly. 

Will drain jetting work for me?

Few drain blockages refuse to respond to high-pressure water jetting equipment, as they are one of the most robust methods. Most drains tend to unclog through jetting, even if only partially.

Whilst rare, some extensive blockages with a heavy build-up will take several treatments to break down the entire blockage or to remove tree roots.

A typical example of drain jetting usage was for Birmingham's drainage system.

The local sewage company used large water jet specialist equipment to break down a giant fatberg that was blocking the sewers and causing more harm to numerous homes and establishments across the city.

If water jets are robust equipment enough to rid fatberg throughout an extensive system, they will likely be strong and effective enough for domestic drains. 

Contact your local drainage services today and inquire about the potential call-out charges.

Will Drain Jetting Work For Me?

Unlike various other drainage remedies you encounter, drain jetting is the only method that cannot make your blockage worse with more force, which is why it's the best technique to begin with. Once professionals break down the blockage with a drain jet, it can be far easier to diagnose the existing issues that could be bigger than food built up.

After using the drain jetting method, they can use CCTV drainage surveys that poke a tiny camera down the drain and assess the damages. If the pipework is severely backed up, you and your professionals can assume that there is a serious blockage.

Suppose there is a robust and challenging substance standing in the way and preventing proper water flow; drain jetting is one of the least painless techniques you may use to get rid of it, or loosen it. It's a fixed-price, long-term solution and a speedy method to eliminate stubborn blockages.

Those with blocked drains, whether domestic or commercial, we highly recommend contacting a qualified drainage company with skilled professionals and booking an appointment. 

If you need help with blocked drains in Redcar, Darlington, Hartlepool, East Cleveland get in touch today. Call 01325 609028 for emergency drain unblocking near you.